Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusing

Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusing | Yankeehomestead.comDiffusing Essential Oils

The sky’s the limit when it comes to essential oil combinations for the diffuser.  The list of ideas below should get you started, but feel free to experiment with other oils and combinations.

Remember that essential oils diffused into the air provide so much more than simply a wonderful scent.  Those tiny particles of oil actually cleanse the air, open airways, affect mood and are readily absorbed by the body, Continue reading

Up to My Ears in Mommyhood {help pick my blog post topics}


Yankee HomesteadDear friends and loyal readers,

I am up to my ears in mommyhood! There are so many topics I’d love to cover here on the blog and updates I’d love to provide, but at the moment we are sort of in survival mode here at the Yankee Homestead.

Don’t worry–I’ll keep posting what I can, when I can.

Just for fun, here are some of the topics we’re currently dealing with at the Homestead.  Help pick my next blog post topics: let me know which subject(s) interests you most, and I’ll be sure to post those updates first! Continue reading

My Favorite Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Contigo Travel Mug |
My Quest for the Perfect Travel Mug

Some time ago, I began a quest to rid our kitchen of plastic.  Currently we’re at about 95%, having held onto just a few last pieces of plastic ware–mostly for freezer purposes.

Earlier this year, I was determined to replace our leaky, plastic travel mugs with higher quality, non-plastic cups.  Mr. Native Texan drinks coffee on his way to the office every day, and I drink hot decaf tea every morning.

At home, I was using my favorite, huge, curvy, blue ceramic mug.  When out and about, we were both using those pesky cups that leaked, and that I knew were leaching plastic into our hot drinks.

One day, Mr. Native Texan came home from work and surprised me with a new, stainless steel travel mug.  I didn’t have to do a lick of research!  He’d visited the Bed Bath and Beyond near his office, and asked for their best travel mug.

I’m happy to report that this awesome stainless steel travel mug has been going strong ever since.  Here’s what I love about it… Continue reading

Easy Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets |


These easy, gluten-free chicken nuggets are a favorite at my house.  I like to make a huge batch and store some in the freezer.  Easy to reheat in the toaster oven, they’re perfect for a quick lunch on those days when the fridge seems empty.  We’ve also eaten them cold, packed in our favorite LunchBots.  Alternatively, you could keep them warm in a thermos for packed lunch purposes.

Continue reading

5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids {#5-Keep It Simple}

5 Tips for a Successful Nature Walk with Kids - #5 Keep It Simple  |  Yankeehomestead.comI hope this series has inspired you to get out and explore with your own pint-sized crew!  So far, we’ve covered several basics of planning a nature walk:

Today, let’s talk about what to do on a Nature Walk with Kids.  Are you ready for this?? Continue reading