ABBA Paleo Protein Bars

ABBA IconLet me tell you, it is nigh unto impossible to find prepackaged protein snacks suitable for a gluten-free, sugar-free, Real Food diet.  There are a few bars out there that we do eat here at the Yankee Homestead, but they all contain at least one ingredient that I’d rather not feed my family.

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Healthy Gummy Treats

Healthy Gummy Treats

Recently, I shared our nifty new idea of serving lunch in a muffin tin.  Did you notice the pink, heart-shaped gummy treats in those pictures?  They’re a new favorite around here.

My boys love them because they’re yummy and fun to eat.  I love them because they’re super healthy! They’re also perfect for our This-n-That lunches, and for packing in our favorite LunchBots containers. Continue reading

3 More Books I’m Reading

Books -- spring 2014

I finished up most of the books from my spring reading list before Baby Brother arrived, and added a few more titles, each of which I highly recommend.

Surprisingly enough, though my days are now filled with caring for a newborn, plus continuing to take care of his older brothers, I’m still able to squeeze in a bit of reading time while feeding Baby Brother.  Because ohmygoodness it seems like that’s about all I do these days!

The following are three of the books I’ve enjoyed recently…

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New LunchBots Dots Snap-on Lid Covers {dishwasher-safe}

Stainless steel divided LunchBots containers are my favorite way to pack meals on the go, sans plastic. Even though we homeschool, we still use these durable bento boxes multiple times each week.  They’re perfect for picnics, meals in the car and more!  I love them! Continue reading

Baby Wipe Spray {with essential oils}

Baby Wipe Spray


As you know, we are now cloth diapering.  And as I expected, it’s gotten much easier now that all those stressful decisions are behind me.  In case you’re curious, I’m really happy with the diapers we chose.  More on that another day…

Thus far, one of my favorite parts of cloth diapering is the reusable flannel wipes!  They’re adorable, and–in conjunction with the wipe solution below–they clean so much better than disposable wipes. Plus, they’re saving us money!

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