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3 Ways to Recycle Essential Oil Bottles

I have a few empty essential oil bottles.  Just a few.  Why throw them away when they could be put to great use?

My top 3 ways to recycle essential oil bottles:

Recycle Essential Oil Bottles | Yankee Homestead1. Sharing

Empty essential oil bottles provide a handy way to share a sample with a friend.  Remove the plastic orifice, add the sample oil, replace the orifice and cap, and you’re good to go!  The smaller 5 ml bottles work well for this.

Soothing Skin Spray | Yankee Homestead

Soothing skin spray

2. Mini-sprays

Empty 15 ml bottles are perfect for mini-sprays!  Mini-sprays are ideal for stashing in a purse, giving a sample of a favorite spray, make-n-takes at an essential oils class, or even to use around your home.

Lemon Spray | Yankee HomesteadA few of my favorite sprays:

Mini Vase | Yankee Homestead3. Mini-vases

This great idea came from Jill Winger over at The Prairie HomesteadI couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself!  Empty 15 ml bottles are just the right size for tiny bouquets picked by pint size homesteaders.  Plus, they’re adorable!

How do you recycle empty EO bottles?


Essential Oil Revolution Sale Price Extended | Yankee Homestead

Pre-Event Sale Extended for Essential Oils Revolution {through midnight tonight}


I am so relieved!

We had an insanely busy weekend here at the Yankee Homestead, celebrating Baby Brother’s first birthday, his baby dedication and Mother’s Day!  We hosted family from out-of-town and it seemed like we were opening gifts and snapping photos at any given moment, all weekend long.

As a result, I completely forgot to make my pre-summit purchase for the Essential Oils Revolution.  Have you started listening to the presentations yet?  If so, you know this is an amazing resource you’ll want to have access to long after it ends on the 18th.

Check out the line up for today, Day 1, which you can access Continue reading

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers | Yankeehomestead.com

The Best Cloth Diaper for Wool Diaper Covers

The longer I use wool diaper covers, the more I love them.  I’m completely sold on wool!  My only regret is not starting with wool sooner.

When cloth diapering with wool, you’ll obviously need a thick absorbent layer to place inside the cover next to baby’s skin.  There are two basic options for this: something flat or something fitted.

This whole topic of what to use inside your wool diaper covers deserves an entire post with more details.  For now, I’ll save you the trouble of sifting through the various options to tell you about my very favorite one… Continue reading