Winners of the ABBA Bar Giveaway

ABBA Giveaway Winners

My Yankee Homestead family took advantage of the Buy One, Get One sale on Whey Too Yummy ABBA Bars last month, which allowed us to enjoy the protein bars on our week-long trip to the beach last week.  Hooray for easy, healthy snacks!

I’ve got good news for two lucky Yankee Homestead readers, each of whom will receive one free box of ABBA Paleo Bars. Continue reading

What’s So Great about Gelatin?

What's so great about gelatin

Last week, I shared a few recipes for Healthy Gummy Treats.  They’re a new favorite around here–easy to make, fun to eat and good for you, too.

I’m guessing, however, that the average American family doesn’t just happen to have a canister of gelatin–a key ingredient in Healthy Gummy Treats–hanging around in the pantry.

At least we didn’t, until I read Yet Another Recipe for DIY Gummy Snacks, and decided it was finally time to give it a shot myself.

Which meant purchasing gelatin. Continue reading

ABBA Paleo Protein Bars

ABBA IconLet me tell you, it is nigh unto impossible to find prepackaged protein snacks suitable for a gluten-free, sugar-free, Real Food diet.  There are a few bars out there that we do eat here at the Yankee Homestead, but they all contain at least one ingredient that I’d rather not feed my family.

Until now.  (Drum roll, please.) Continue reading