Decorating With Junk: Refinished Craft Desk

I found this desk on Craigslist for $50.

It was exactly what I was looking for!  The dimensions were just about perfect for its intended spot in my tiny craft room, and it boasted lots of drawers.

My favorite feature is the glass top, which makes for excellent clean-up after crafting sessions.

Craft Desk, After

All it needed was some TLC in the form of paint and new hardware.

Here’s the desk before, in the home of the nice lady from whom I purchased it.  (Who apparently loved pink walls.)  This is the picture I saw on Craiglist.

Craft Desk, Before

It was one of the easiest makeovers ever!  I gave it three coats of black paint, which we already had on hand.  It was summer time, so the paint dried quickly between coats.

After the last coat dried, I used sandpaper to rough up the edges and corners of the desk and its drawers.

Craft Desk, in progress

After considering several options at retailers convenient to my home (like Home Depot), I decided to order new hardware online.

Below you can see the desk in its current home.  I’ve added a nifty lamp since then, but as the desktop is currently, shall we say, unpresentable, perhaps I will add a photo of the lamp at a later time. :-)

Craft Desk in its new home

Hooray for craigslist, paint and new hardware!

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4 thoughts on “Decorating With Junk: Refinished Craft Desk

  1. Angela

    Love it!!! (Also totally digging the beautifully organized shelves on the wall above your desk!) We inherited a desk very similar in style/color that’s currently tucked away in the guest room. It’s been on The List of refinishing projects for a while but I’ve lacked inspiration for what to do with it. Love the idea of distressed black! And it’s amazing the difference that hardware makes! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :-)

  2. KathleenKathleen Post author

    Angela–you can do it! (Although I’m guessing it might remain on the back burner for a while, given your current situation.) :-)

  3. Ruth Ann

    I am impressed! Looks great! I love organization and how you utilized the area above the desk….great job! love the distressed look! Are you for hire? :)

    1. KathleenKathleen Post author

      Ruth Ann, You are very kind. I do love to be organized! As for hiring myself out, first I’d have to finish my own (never ending) list of projects. :-)


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